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Using and Configuring Kiosk Mode for iCIMS Connect

Release: 16.4

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iCIMS Connect provides customers with an easy way to attract and engage candidates who may not yet be ready to apply for a job but are interested in the company’s employment brand. One important feature of Connect is Candidate Kiosk Mode, which allows recruiters and sourcing professionals to conveniently capture candidate information at events via tablets and/or traditional computers.

This article describes the steps for using Kiosk Mode at events, as well as the configurations available. Kiosk Mode can be configured by any user with appropriate permissions.

Launching Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode can be enabled for an event right from the Event Profile in the Platform, and can be used on a desktop or mobile device. (Note: The mobile device must have a minimum screen size of 320 px by 568 px when using the device's native browser, e.g. Safari on an iPhone.)

  1. On the device(s) being used at the event, log in to the Platform and go to Communicate > Create/Manage Events. Click the Event Profile of interest.
  • Note: If the desired Event Profile does not display on the Event Manager page, the Event Profile can also be located by running an Event Search.
  1. On the Event Profile, click the blue Launch Kiosk Mode button, located on the left side (below the factoids).
The Launch Kiosk Mode button appears on the Event Profile.
  1. In the Kiosk Mode popup, select a Portal from the dropdown. Kiosk Mode will launch in the selected Portal. (Note: The dropdown will only include Connect-enabled Portals.)
Launch Kiosk Mode by selecting a Portal.
  1. Click Ok. You will then be logged out of the Platform, and Kiosk Mode will open in the selected Portal.
  2. When finished using Kiosk Mode, close the browser.
  • To launch Kiosk Mode, make sure the status of the event is Open. When an event is closed, the Launch Kiosk Mode button will be disabled on its Event Profile.
  • Kiosk Mode will refresh after a certain period of inactivity, and incomplete entries will be deleted. User admins can configure this timeout via the Idle Timeout setting in System Configuration, described below in the Configuring Kiosk Mode entry.

Starting a New Kiosk Mode Session

Kiosk Mode remains active in your browser until the current session is disabled (or until the browser's cache is cleared). To start a new session of Kiosk Mode:

  1. Log in to the Platform and navigate to the appropriate Event Profile.
  2. Click the Launch Kiosk Mode button. The following prompt appears:
End the current session of Kiosk Mode by clicking the Finish button.
  1. Click Finish to start a new Kiosk Mode session.
  2. In the next dialog box, select a Portal from the dropdown once again and click Ok to begin your new Kiosk Mode session.

Configuring Kiosk Mode

  1. Go to Admin > System Configuration > Connect > Configure > Connect Event Settings.
  2. Locate the Kiosk Mode section and adjust any of these settings as necessary:
  • Idle Timeout (minutes): Enter a preferred time (in minutes) for idle Kiosk Mode windows to log out and redirect to the Portal's main page. The default value is 5 minutes.
  • Thank You Page Redirect (seconds): Enter a preferred time for the Thank You page to return to the Portal's main page (after completing sign-up). The default value is 10 seconds.
  • Resume Upload: Check this box to activate the step in Kiosk Mode where candidates can upload their resume (by locating it through cloud storage or taking a photo of their paper version). This is turned on by default.

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