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Configuring Candidate-Facing Status Information in System Configuration

Release: 16.3

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Occasionally, a client may wish to set the specific terminology that displays to a candidate when the candidate is in a specific stage in the review process. iCIMS allows the user admin to set this language within System Configuration on a per-status and per-Portal basis. Recruiting Workflow Bin/Status nodes without a set value will display as "Under Review" to the candidate. In order to provide a positive, standardized candidate experience, it is a recommended practice to maintain this default unless necessary (e.g., when setting candidate-facing statuses for a Portal in a language other than English). 
  1. To view Recruiting Workflow bins and statuses, navigate to Admin > System Configuration > Recruit > Workflow > Recruiting Workflow Bins and Statuses. Click Edit.
  2. To view status information, click the Plus icon beside the appropriate bin name to expand a bin and view related statuses. Click the desired status (e.g., New Submissions: External Portal).
An image that displays the Recruiting Workflow Bins and Statuses configuration tool.
  1. Optionally, take note of the location of the status within the overall list (e.g., for the External Portal status displayed above, the location is within the first bin in the first position on the list).
  2. At the top of this popup, set the User Group to the desired Career Portal. Career Portals will display at the end of the user group list. (To update all Career Portal status messages for a status, select Career Portals.)
An image that displays the Recruiting Workflow Bins and Statuses configuration tool.
  1. The Recruiting Workflow Bins and Statuses will display in the same order as before, but will display only the candidate-facing status for that status. Locate the desired status (which will be located in the same position within the list as it had been previously), and verify that the text in the Global Label field reflects the correct status.
  • Note: While the bin label may be edited, this does not transfer to any sub-statuses. Candidate-facing status information must be edited on a per-status basis.
  1. In the Label field, type the text that the candidate should see on the Portal when the candidate is placed in this status. Click Save to save all changes.

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