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Candidate Guide to iCIMS Career Portals

Release: 16.3

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Many organizations use a system powered by iCIMS to let candidates browse and apply for open jobs. This article will provide information to job applicants to support their familiarity with the system when searching and applying for jobs.

For information on connecting with a company when you are not yet ready to apply (for employers who use iCIMS Connect), please refer to the Candidate Guide to iCIMS Connect article. For information on uploading a video in response to an employer request, please refer to the Candidate Guide to iCIMS Video Screening article.

  • Candidates may access Career Portals and follow the steps below using either a computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • The appearance, required steps, and options on the Career Portal are different per company, and may vary from the screenshots and steps in this article.
  • Fields marked with an asterisk on the Career Portal are required.
Warning:  Email addresses with accented characters (e.g., josé are not supported within the iCIMS system.

This article will cover the following topics. Click on a topic to jump to that section within this article:

Searching for a job
Navigating job listings
Applying for positions
Submitting a resume for general consideration
Applying with a social media account
Logging in as a returning user
Navigating the Candidate Dashboard
Updating your profile  
Managing job search agents
Managing email subscriptions
Referring a friend

Searching for a job

An image that displays the search options on a Career Portal in context.

  1. View All Open Positions: Click this link to view all open positions.
  2. Search Filters: Search for open positions by keywords, category, and location. (Note: Other filters may be available.)
  3. Search Button: Select this button to view your search results.


  • Typically, the keyword search will search for all of the words you enter, meaning that the keyword search “graphic designer” will return results where the job contains the words “graphic” AND “designer.” Depending on the employer’s configuration, you may be able to select between All Keywords and Any Keywords. (The keyword search does not accept Boolean search terms at this time.)
  • If available, select (Current Location) from the Location dropdown list to view jobs near you. (Note that if Current Location is available and has been selected, your browser will ask for permission for the site to access your current location. The message will vary from browser to browser.)
  • If available, select (Zip Code) from the Location dropdown list to enter your preferred zip code for job results. Note that if you are using a Canadian postal code, it should be entered in the format "A0A 1A1" (including the space) in order to receive accurate results.

Navigating job listings

An image that shows job listings on a Career Portal in context.

  1. Sort Jobs: Click column headers to sort jobs by characteristics such as Job ID, Title, or Posted Date. (Note: Jobs cannot be sorted by Job Location, as many jobs have multiple locations.)
  2. Page Navigation: Navigate to a specific page by using the page dropdown or by selecting the appropriate arrow icon (if available) to toggle forward or backward one page.
  3. Job Search Form: Search by keyword or other available criteria. Once all relevant information has been entered, click Search to view results.


  • After a specific search has been run, you will be presented with the option to subscribe for emails when new jobs that match your criteria are created. Additional information about creating, managing, and deleting Job Search Agents is available in the Managing Job Search Agents section of this guide.
  • Candidates searching for jobs on a mobile device can take advantage of the following:
    • Large sections of text will be truncated on mobile devices. Select Read more, when available, to read all of a section’s text.
    • Jobs can be easily sorted on a mobile device. Use the Sort By… dropdown to sort jobs by ID, Title, Posted Date, etc.
    • A full job description can be accessed on a mobile device by clicking its panel within search results.

Applying for positions

  1. Click the Job Title of the appropriate job within the Career Portal.
Tip: If you have applied to a job with a company before, apply using your existing profile by clicking Log back in and providing your login credentials. For more information on logging in as a returning user, see the Logging in as a Returning User section of this guide.
  1. Select Apply for this job online.
  2. Select Create with Resume to upload a resume and populate profile fields with that information.
Tip: To begin the application process without a resume, select Create with Online Form. (Note: you may be required to submit a resume before completing your application.)
To take full advantage of the resume parsing functionality, upload your resume prior to completing other fields.
  1. Select one of the available options to upload a resume (e.g., My Computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox).
  • Click the My Computer (or My Device) button to select a resume from your computer or mobile device. Choose the correct file, and then click Open to continue.
  • Click the Google Drive button to select a resume from your existing Google Drive account. Log into your account and click Accept to allow iCIMS to access your account. Finally, select the correct file and click Select to continue.
  • Click the Dropbox button to select a resume from your existing Dropbox account. Log into your account and select the correct file, then click Choose to continue.
  1. Select Submit Resume to continue.
  2. Review the information parsed from your resume and fill in required login and password information. Select Submit Profile to continue.
  3. Enter contact information and complete any additional sections of the job application. Select Finish Later to finish the application at another time, or click Submit Profile to continue.
Tip: You can monitor your progress with the application via the numbered steps available near the top of the application process screen. These steps are provided for awareness and are not clickable links. Once you have progressed through a page, you will not be able to return to that information during the initial application process. If the employer allows, you may be able to view and edit certain information after you have completed the application.
  1. Fill out or opt out of Voluntary Information questions. Select Finish Later to finish the application at another time, or click Submit to finalize all changes.
  2. Continue filling out required fields and forms as necessary, clicking Finish Later to stop and resume at a later date or Submit to finish.
  3. Once the application process is complete, a new page with a confirmation message will display, indicating that the application was submitted successfully. You may also have the option to subscribe to new job notifications on this page, depending on the company's configuration; this step is optional. 

Submitting a resume for general consideration

Submitting a resume for general consideration allows the resume to be placed in the company’s recruiting system without applying to a specific position. This option may not be provided by all companies.

  1. Select the submit your resume link on the Welcome page.
  2. Select Create with Resume to populate profile fields with information from a resume. Or, select Create with Online Form to interactively build a profile or build a profile from an external social account. Then, follow the steps indicated in steps 6-9 above.
Tip: If this link is not available, you must apply for a specific open position and follow the steps above. If the ability to connect with the organization is provided instead of general application capabilities, please refer to the information in the Candidate Guide to iCIMS Connect article.

Applying with a social media account

Candidates can also apply for jobs on many company portals with social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. These options may not be provided by all companies.

  1. Access the desired job, and select Apply for this job online to begin the application process.
  2. Select the desired social media profile (e.g., Create with Facebook, Create with Google+, or Create with LinkedIn).
  3. Log in to the social media profile via the provided popup. If asked to provide iCIMS permission to access your profile, click Accept or Okay.
  • If you do not already have a specific social media account and would like to make one, select the Join Now button to create a profile.
  • Candidates who apply through social media are not only logging in to their social media account, but also giving the iCIMS software permission to access their profile.
  1. Modify the information that was automatically transferred into the Job Application from the existing social media account, if necessary.
Tip: A Disconnect link will display at this stage. The Disconnect link allows you to easily disconnect a social media account. If you do not have a connected social media account, a Connect your account link will display instead, where applicable.
  1. Use the resume information from your social media account, which can populate automatically, or upload a new resume from your computer/mobile device, Google Drive, or Dropbox.
  2. Complete additional sections of the application as applicable. Select Save Changes to finish the application at another time. Or, click Submit to finalize all changes.
  3. Once the application process is complete, a new page with a confirmation message will display, indicating that the application was submitted successfully. You may also have the option to subscribe to new job notifications on this page, depending on the company's configuration; this step is optional. 

Logging in as a returning user

  1. Click Log back in in the upper right side of the company portal.
Tip: For your convenience, you may also log in from the Returning Candidates section of a Job Application if you reach that step and have not already logged in.
  1. Log in using your connected social media account (if applicable) or enter the Login Name and Password that you used to create your account with this company and select Login.
Tip: You may select the Retrieve Password link if you have forgotten your login name or password.
  1. Use the Dashboard, described in the section below, to update your profile, view current job opportunities, manage email subscriptions, and check on the status of any jobs you have already applied to. Options available may depend upon the company.

Navigating the Candidate Dashboard

Your candidate dashboard provides access to a number of different actions, as well as a summary of your past job submittals. 

An image of the Candidate Dashboard

While your candidate dashboard will vary depending on the company's Career Portal configurations, you may have access to the following actions:
  • Update your profile: Update profile information.
  • View your job recommendations: View jobs that match your interests.
  • View current job opportunities: View all current job opportunities with this employer.
  • Update your personal screening questions: Update questions that you have answered previously (such as "Are you over 18?").
  • Manage your email subscriptions: Subscribe or unsubscribe from one or all mass communication emails.
  • Continue job application: Continue the application from where it was left off. (Note that this action will only be available within the Past Job Submittals area if applicable.) 
  • Withdraw job application: Withdraw an application for a specific position. (Note that this action will only be available within the Past Job Submittals area if applicable.)

Updating your profile  

  1. Log in by following the steps in the Logging in as a Returning User section.
  2. Select Update your profile.
  3. Upload a resume or click Replace to replace an existing resume, if desired.
  4. Enter or update name, address, and any additional information, if desired.
  5. Select Update Profile to submit your changes.

Managing job search agents

Candidates can set up job search agents so that they can receive email notifications when new jobs fitting their criteria become available. (If you do not see the Job Search Agent Options section described in Step 2, below, the company you are applying to may not have Job Search Agents enabled.)

  1. Enter keywords or other criteria to search for positions from a job search screen, and then click Search.
  2. Locate the Job Search Agent Options, if available. Enter a name for this job search agent (e.g., Sales Jobs) in the Name of Agent field, then click Create Agent.
  3. To delete or renew an agent, select the Manage My Agents link available beneath the Create Agent button.
  4. Select the appropriate checkbox(es). Select Delete Selected Agents to remove an agent, or select Renew Selected Agents to renew an agent.
  • Candidates can also manage job search agents by clicking Manage your search agents from their Candidate Dashboard and following step 4 above.
  • Job search agents may expire after a period of time, indicated on the Manage Job Search Agents page. An email notification will be sent to the candidate before the agent expires.
  • Existing agents cannot be modified. To change the criteria of a job search agent, delete it and create an updated job search agent.
  • The allowable number of job search agents may be limited depending on company preferences.

Managing email subscriptions

Email subscriptions allow candidates to receive information relevant to their interests from a company.

  1. Log in by following the steps in the Logging in as a Returning User section and select Manage your email subscriptions.
  2. Click Show Details to view information about each area of interest.
  3. Select the checkboxes beside the area(s) of interest that you would like to subscribe to, and then click Save.
Warning:  There is an unsubscribe from all mass email option. If you unsubscribe from future mass emails of any kind, you may not receive notifications about interviews, future considerations, career opportunities, etc., especially if those emails are sent to multiple individuals at once. For this reason, it is not recommended to unsubscribe from all mass emails.

Referring a friend

  1. From the Job Listings page, select the title of the job for which you want to refer a friend.
  2. Select Email this job to a friend.
  3. Complete the available fields, and then click Email your Friend. (Note: If you are not already logged in to the Portal, you will be asked to provide your name and email address in additional to your friend’s information.)
  • Both you and the friend you are referring will receive an email notification with further details.
  • You can refer a person to any job to which they have not yet been attached. This allows an individual to be referred for multiple different job openings, potentially by different referrers. If the system recognizes the email provided, the existing profile for your referral will be attached to the new job. If a person has already been associated with a particular job opening (determined by the unique Job ID), you will receive a message indicating that this person has already been placed into consideration for that job and the system will not process the referral.
  • An option to Share on your newsfeed may display in addition to email referral options. To utilize this option, click the desired logo/icon, then follow the steps provided.