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Candidate Guide to iCIMS Video Screening

Release: 16.1

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Many organizations use a system powered by iCIMS to support their hiring initiatives. Companies may request that candidates upload or record a short personal video to showcase why they are the best fit for a job. Please note that organizations may not request videos for all positions or candidates.

For information about applying for a job and managing your information, please see the fullĀ Candidate Guide to the iCIMS Talent Platform article.

Recording/Uploading a Video as a Candidate

  1. If a company to which you have applied would like you to submit a video, you will receive an email from the company requesting that you record a video. From within the email, click the Record your video! button to launch the video tool.
  2. Review the options available to you on the main page. Follow the steps for your preferred option below.
An image that displays the available options when a candidate receives a video request.
  • Select Use Your Camera to record a two-minute (or shorter) video using your device. If prompted, click Allow to allow access to your camera and microphone while you record your video. Follow the on-screen instructions on the Use Your Camera screen to record and submit your video.
  • Tips:
    • If a camera is not detected, you will be presented with an error message and prompted to refresh the page.
    • If your microphone does not pick up any audio, you will be presented with an error message and prompted to re-record your video.
  • Select Upload From Your Computer to upload a pre-recorded video. Follow the on-screen instructions to browse your device and upload the correct video. (Note: The video must not exceed the 2 minute/500 MB restriction.)
  • Tip: Candidates on Apple computers are encouraged to create a New Movie Recording in QuickTime and save it as an .mov file, then use the Upload From Your Computer method.
  1. A confirmation message will display, alerting you that your video submission was successful.
  • If you experience technical difficulties or prefer not to provide a video, click No Video on the main page. You will be provided an opportunity to troubleshoot, elaborate on technical issues, or to opt-out of the video and provide a text response instead.
  • If you access the Record your video! link from a mobile device, you will be presented with mobile-friendly recording options and messaging, though the same basic functionality will remain (depending your device/software version)
    • Select Record or Upload to record a new video or upload an existing video from your device following the on-screen instructions.
    • Select No Video to troubleshoot or elaborate on technical issues, or to opt-out of the video and provide a text cover letter instead.
  • File types .flv and .mkv are currently unsupported. Attempting to upload a video in either of these file types will result in an error.