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Candidate Guide to iCIMS Connect

Release: 16.3

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Many organizations use a system powered by iCIMS to support their hiring initiatives. iCIMS Connect provides candidates an easy way to engage with a company, even if they are not yet ready to apply for a job. The candidate experience with iCIMS Connect is streamlined within an easy-to-use, branded Connect Portal that allows interested individuals to provide basic information with only a few steps. This article will provide information to candidates who are interested in a company but not yet ready to apply for an open job.

  • Candidates may access Portals and follow the steps below using either a computer or mobile device.
  • The appearance, required steps, and options on the Portal are different per company, and may vary from the screenshots and steps in this guide.
  • For information about applying for a job and managing your information, please see the full Candidate Guide to iCIMS Career Portals article.
Warning:  Email addresses with accented characters (e.g., josé are not supported within the iCIMS system.

Connecting with a Company

  1. On a company’s Career Portal, select the Connect With Us link. (Note: This will not be available for all companies, and language may vary.)
An image that displays the Connect With Us Link on a Career Portal.
  1. Select a social media account button to use the information from your social media profile to prepopulate your profile, or select the Continue without one link to manually enter basic information about yourself.
Note: For more information on applying with a social account, please see the full Candidate Guide to iCIMS Career Portals article.
  1. Select your interests and click Continue.
    • Tip: If an employer has provided additional detail about an area of interest, a Show Details link will display. Click this link to review more information about an applicable area of interest.
  2. Upload a version of your resume from a computer/mobile device, Google Drive, or Dropbox account. Then, select the Upload button. (Note: Candidates who do not wish to upload a resume at this time may click Skip to bypass this step; however, it is recommended to provide a resume when possible.)
  3. Review the information parsed from your resume or social account (if applicable), and fill in all required information. Select the Submit Profile button to continue.
  4. A new page with a thank you message will then display, confirming that you have connected with the company. A list of jobs that match your interests may also display; click on any Job Title to review and apply for a job, if desired. 

Editing Area of Interest Subscriptions

  1. Click the Log in link on a company Career Portal or Connect Portal to edit your areas of interest.
  2. Sign in with your associated social media profile or enter your login credentials, then click the Login button.
  3. If you are not taken automatically to your Dashboard, select the Dashboard link available on the top right of the page.
  4. Select the Manage your email subscriptions button to edit your area of interest subscriptions.
  5. View or modify your selected areas of interest, and click the Save button to save your updates.
Warning: Use caution with the "unsubscribe from mass email communications" option. If you unsubscribe from future mass emails of any kind, you may not receive notifications about interviews, future considerations, career opportunities, etc., especially if those emails are sent to multiple individuals at once. For this reason, it is not recommended to unsubscribe from all mass emails.