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Attaching Additional Documents to Profiles

Release: 16.3

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The Attachments feature allows users to attach documents associated with the hiring process for a Person, Company, or Job Profile including versions of resumes and other job-specific materials. Documents can also be downloaded by users for review or attached to emails sent from the Platform.

Attaching Additional Documents to the Person Profile

In this example, a document will be attached to a Person Profile. The same process can be followed for attaching documents associated with Company or Job Profiles.
  1. Locate the desired Person Profile and select the Attachments Tab, which may appear under the More dropdown.
An image highlighting the Attachments Tab on the Person Profile.
  1. Click the Add Attachment, and select a file from your computer to upload to the Profile.
  2. The file will appear in the list within the window once the upload is completed.


  • The document name for an attached document may be edited on the Attachments Tab by updating the Title field and then clicking Save near the top of the tab.
  • Delete a document by clicking the Delete icon to the right of the document.
  • Download a document by clicking the Download icon (blue arrow and disk drive) to the right of the document.