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Adding a Question from the Screening Questions Library to a Job

Release: 16.2

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Job-Related Screening Questions apply to the specific position that the candidate is applying for. These Screening Questions should be created in the Screening Questions Library, which allows users to create a repository of questions that can be used for any new jobs that are created. Once created, these questions may be added to a job by following the steps in this article.

Adding a Question from the Screening Questions Library to a Job

  1. Navigate to a Job Profile and select the Questions Tab. Then, select the Add Questions button to select a question from the Screening Questions Library.
  2. On the Add Question(s) screen, select the checkboxes for all questions that you want to add to the job. Then, click the Add Selected Question(s) button to add an existing question from the Library.
    • Tip: Click the View Default Job Question Settings (flag) icon in the last column beside each question to view the weight for each question, if applicable.
  1. View and manage the Screening Question Library questions on the Questions Tab of the Job Profile using the options described in the tip below.
Tip: Once questions have been added to the job, users can manage them using the following options:
An image that highlights the four icons described below in the Screening Questions Library.
  • Use the Grip icon to the left of each question to drag and drop the questions into the order in which they should appear on the Career Portal.
  • Use the icons in the last columns to the right to modify, view, and/or disassociate each question.
    • Notes:
      • From this page, you can make limited modifications (e.g. adjusting question weights). If you want to edit other question attributes, access the question in the Screening Questions Library.
      • Modifications made here apply to only to this job and do not change the question in the Screening Questions Library.
  • Note: The Add Question(s) screen will also allow you to create a new question by clicking the Create a Job Specific Question link, if necessary. A question created this way applies only to the current job and will not be available in the Screening Question Library. It is strongly recommended that users work with the user admin to enter new Screening Questions into the Screening Questions Library for full functionality, future use, and reporting.)

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