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Adding a Nested Address or Hiring Manager to a Location Profile

Release: 16.1

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This article provides steps for advanced interactions with Location Profiles, including adding a nested address or hiring manager to a Location Profile. For basic information about working with Location Profiles,  please refer to the Understanding and Creating Location Profiles article.

Note that the Location Profile may be named Company Profile in your system, depending on your organization’s preference.

Adding a Nested Address to a Location Profile

  1. Navigate to the Location Profile by performing a Quick Search or a full search.
  2. On the Professional Tab, click the Edit button to make changes to the Location Profile.
  3. Locate the Contact Information section and click the New button beside the Location field label.
  4. Complete the relevant fields within the Create New Location window, and click the OK button to continue.
  5. Review the nested addresses. If appropriate, click the Set as Default button to change the new address to the default address for the Location Profile.
  6. Click the Save button to preserve the changes to the Location Profile.
  • Nested addresses within a Location Profile must be unique. Duplicate information will not be saved.
  • The default address is always the first nested address added to a Location Profile unless the user edits the Location Profile. Only one address can be set as the default.
  • The default address is referenced when creating a new hiring manager from the Manager Tab within the Location Profile.
  • Nested addresses that are referenced by other profiles in the Platform cannot be deleted.

Adding a Hiring Manager to a Location Profile

  1. Navigate to the Location Profile by performing a Quick Search or a full search.
  2. On the Managers Tab, click the New Hiring Manager button.
  3. Complete the fields with the Hiring Manager General Information, and click the Next button.
  4. Complete relevant fields, and click the Finish button. You will be directed to the Person Profile for that hiring manager.
  5. To update that hiring manager’s work location, click the Manager Tab on their Person Profile and then click the Edit button.
  6. Click into the Location dropdown within the Work Information section of the Manager Tab. Begin typing the name of the company, or scroll to browse the list of available Locations. Then, select the correct company.
  7. Click Save to finalize your changes.
  • The hiring manager’s location should indicate the address where the hiring manager works. The hiring manager’s contact information will not populate or override the location information listed on the Location Profile.
  • You can also add an existing hiring manager to an existing Company or Location Profile by navigating to the correct Hiring Manager Profile, selecting the Manager Tab, and then clicking the Edit button. Select the appropriate Location to associate the Location Profile, and click Save.
  • For basic information about creating and working with Company or Location Profiles, please see the Understanding and Creating Location Profiles article.