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Adding Files to the File Library

Release: 16.2

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Users can upload and store documents in a variety of formats via the iCIMS Talent Platform’s File Library. These documents are securely hosted by iCIMS and available to users working within a shared system. The File Library is used to store and maintain all global files that are referenced, linked, or displayed in many areas of the Platform or Portals.

Files may be added to the File Library from the appropriate Library menu bar item, or while composing an email. This article describes how to upload files to the File Library. For information about adding files that are already stored in the File Library to an email or task, please refer to the Adding Files from the File Library to an Email or Task article.

Uploading Files to the File Library from the Library Menu Item

  1. Click Library on the menu bar, then select File.
  2. Click the Browse (or Choose File) button on the File Library screen to search for a document to upload to the File Library. Select the appropriate file and click Open to proceed. Once it has been selected, click the Upload button to store the new document in the File Library.
  3. Review the newly added file as well as any pre-existing files in the File Library.
A labeled image of the File Library.
  1. Number of Files: Counts the number of files currently uploaded into the File Library.
  2. Filename: Lists the name of each file in the library. A small icon next to the filename will also display the file type, e.g. PDF.
  3. Updated Date: Shows the date and time that the file was last updated.
  4. Get URL: Provides the URL for a document or image in the File Library.
  5. Download: Downloads the file to the user’s computer.
  6. Replace File: Uploads a file to replace the selected one. All links to the original file will automatically reference the replacement file moving forward.
  7. Delete: Deletes the file from the library.
  • Only one file may be uploaded at a time.
  • The maximum number of files allowed in the library is 100 by default. For more information, contact iCIMS Technical Support.
  • The maximum size of any single file added to the library is 5MB.
  • The maximum dimensions for an image uploaded to the File Library are 2048x2048 pixels.

Uploading Files to the File Library while Composing an Email

  1. Open a new email by selecting Communicate on the Menu Bar, then selecting Compose Email (or through another email launch sequence, e.g., from a relevant search or Profile.)
  2. Write a message or use an existing email template. Click the paperclip Add from File Library icon to launch the Attachments window.
  3. In the Attachments window, use the Drag and Drop area to drag-and-drop your file or click in this area to upload a file. (If you choose to upload by clicking, choose the desired file from your device, then click Open.)
An image that displays the Attachment screen Drag and Drop area.
  1. Check the Upload to File Library box and click Upload to store your file in the Platform. The file will be saved to the File Library.
  2. To add the attachment to your email, verify that the box beside the new file has been checked. Then, click the Add Attachment(s) button.
  3. Review documents currently attached to the message, and then click the Send button to send the email.
Tip: For more information on Uploading Attachments to Emails in the iCIMS Talent Platform, please see the Adding Attachments to Emails Knowledge Base article.

User Admin Curriculum

The iCIMS introductory curriculum for user admins is split into four sections: Working in System Configuration, Managing Libraries, Managing Users & Profiles, and Managing Scheduled Reports. It includes videos and articles, with each type of resource denoted by the following icons:
  • User-added image: Article
  • User-added image: Learning Clip
  • User-added image: Chaptered Video
  • User-added image: Training Webinar
These resources provide information to assist user admins in configuring and maintaining their organization's instance of the iCIMS Talent Platform.

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