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Access Guide for Agencies

Release: 16.2

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The iCIMS Talent Platform enables clients to open up their talent acquisition efforts to third-party agencies to bolster their candidate pipelines. Clients can provide their vendors or agencies with Agency Portal access, enabling the agency users to view a client’s available jobs and submit candidates for consideration with open positions. This guide is intended to assist agencies/vendors as they navigate the Agency/Vendor Portal.

Signing into the iCIMS Talent Platform and Viewing Open Jobs

  1. Visit the login screen for the iCIMS Talent Platform provided to you by the client, and enter the username and password provided to you.
  2. View the Welcome to Agency Access message on the Dashboard for specific instructions from the client regarding how to use the Vendor/Agency Portal. (Note: This message title and instructions will vary depending on client preferences.)
  3. Click the My Open Jobs icon on the Quick Links Panel to view jobs that are opened up for agencies by the client.
  4. Review the Search Results to view the full list of open jobs.
  5. Select the Title of any job to access its profile.
  6. Review the Job Profile information on the Detail and Description Tabs.
Tip: To securely log out of the Platform, click your Profile Picture (or the Profile Picture silhouette) on the far right of the menu bar, and click Log Out.

Creating a New Candidate Profile

  1. Locate the Job Profile you wish to submit a candidate to. Refer to the steps in the previous section of this article for more details on this process.
  2. Click the Submit Candidate button.
  3. Upload the candidate’s resume. Click Upload Resume and select the resume file from your computer. (Note that the resume text will be pulled into the Copy/Paste Resume field after the resume has uploaded.) Finally, click Next to continue.
Tip: You can also copy and paste the resume content into the Copy/Paste Resume text box, if you do not have a file to upload.
  1. Enter the relevant information in the Candidate Profile, and click Next to advance to each Profile section. Click the Finish button, once available, to complete the profile. A confirmation message will be displayed once the candidate has been successfully submitted to the job.
Tip: A red asterisk will appear next to any fields that are required in order for the profile to be created.

Viewing Submitted Candidates

  1. Click the My Candidates icon on the Quick Links Panel to view all of the candidates that you have submitted.
  2. Review the Search Results to view the full list of candidates that you have submitted.
  3. Select the candidate’s name to view their full Candidate Profile.
Tip: Agency users are only able to view candidates that they have submitted themselves. Agency users can only view candidates that they themselves have created or submitted to jobs.

Submitting Existing Candidates to a Job

  1. Locate the Candidate Profile you wish to submit to a job. Refer to the steps in the Viewing Submitted Candidates section of this article for more details on this process.
  2. Click the Submit To Job button, located at the top of the Candidate Profile.
  3. Select a job from the Available field and click the green Plus icon to move the job to the Selected field. (Alternatively, double click the job to move it to the Selected field.)
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. A confirmation message will display, confirming that the candidate was submitted successfully. Click the Close button to dismiss.