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Whitney SelfWhitney Self 

Hire Date Reporting

 How is everyone tracking candidate hire dates on reports? I pulled together a disposition report but it pulls in the hire date even if the candidate was not hired into the position.  I realize the hire date is connected to the person but I only want to see the hire date in the column if the candidate was actually hired into that position.
Eileen KEileen K (iCIMS, Inc.)
Hi Whitney,
Welcome! I saw that you posted your inquiry in a few places; Answers is the right place to look for answers to your questions, both from Community Managers (like myself) and from fantastic iCIMS users.

On my team, we usually think of a "disposition" report as a "rejection" report, so it's possible I might be misinterpreting your question. If the answer below doesn't help, please let me know and I'll look into it further.

If what you want to do is to run a Recruiting Workflow report and see all jobs a person was associated with and only see their hire date if they were moved into a Hired status for a specific job, you should use the column called Date first placed in Hired: Hired (the name of this status will differ based on what the 'hired' bin and status are actually named in your system).

This column can be found under Reporting & Advanced Options -- Recruiting Workflow Statistics, and will provide the specific date a candidate was moved into this specific status for each specific job. If no date exists, that indicates that the candidate was never moved into that status for that job.

If you try this new column and still see unexpected results, please reach out to the iCIMS Technical Support team.
Pete RadloffPete Radloff
We had a custom field added to the req, for start date, so that we could report on the start date for hires. This also allowed us to expand reporting for time to fill to go from when it was approved to when the seat was physically filled.