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Cheryl MurphyCheryl Murphy 

This is regarding configuration. Can we add a folder structure to our library? I can't seem to find information about that.

Best Answer chosen by Community Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
Eileen KEileen K (iCIMS, Inc.)
Hi Cheryl,
The answer is different depending on which kind of library you're interested in, so I'm going to try to cover a few of the options. Please let me know if there's something else you wanted to know about, too.
  • Job Library - The user admin can change the underlying search template, which affects how the Job Library (Library > Job) displays.
    • To update the Job Library Search template as a user admin, select Search > Job, then select the Search Template Job Library Search. To add a higher-level grouping to the Job Library display, add the appropriate criterion to the Group Results By section. Note that this will update for all users.
  • Task Library - The Task Library offers filters (e.g., by Association, by Category, and by Type) to allow a user to view only specific kinds of tasks.
  • File Library - There are no built-in filters in the File Library; items in the File Library display in the order in which they were originally uploaded.
  • Screening Question Library - The Screening Question Library offers the ability to filter by Category to allow a user to view only specific kinds of Screening Questions.
  • Person Screening Questions Library - While there are no built-in filters for the Person Screening Questions Library, the Grip icon to the left of each question allows the user to manipulate the order in which Person Screening Questions display, allowing the user to organize these questions as best suits the organization.