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Geoff KnoopGeoff Knoop 
I am trying to locate the report that generates the Days Open on the job profile factoid card. Is report provided in the platform?

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Geoff KnoopGeoff Knoop 
Our HR Directed has requested a dashboard report (Bar Chart) to show the average time-to-fill per recruiter. I have taken the standard time-to-fill report and grouped the results by the assigned recruiter field. However, I am struggling to get the report to show an average time-to-fill for each specific recruiter. The reporting tool is only allowing me to total the entire organization giving me the organizational average, not the average per recruiter.  Any suggestions?
Allison BarryAllison Barry 
I need to add our recruiters as the job owners.
Best Answer chosen by Community Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
Community Manager Siobhan SCommunity Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
Hi Enrique! These two folders are typically used by organizations to indicate if a specific hiring manager is an active user of the system or not. However, moving someone into the Inactive folder does not have any functional impact (i.e., moving someone into the Inactive folder does not restrict them from logging into the system; to prevent them from logging in to the system, a user admin at your organization would need to remove their login group access separately).

I hope that helps!