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Best Answer chosen by Community Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
Community Manager ToddCommunity Manager Todd (iCIMS, Inc.) 
Hi, Denille. First, just an FYI that the Kiosk Mode article in Erin's comment has been updated for the upcoming 16.4 Release. In 16.4, we're making some enhancements to Kiosk Mode, which should make it a little easier to use.

The following instructions will be for the current release that you have, 16.3. To access Kiosk Mode, you'll need the URL of your Connect-enabled Portal. If you don't know what that is, try navigating to your organization's career site; you should be able to use the URL for that site. 

On the device in which you'll be using Kiosk Mode, open up a browser and type in that URL, making sure to add /connect/configure to the end. (Here at iCIMS, it would be You'll then be instructed to log in and configure your Kiosk Mode settings. Once you click the "Enable and Log Out" button, you should be directed to Kiosk Mode.

Hope that helps!
Erin TibbsErin Tibbs 
I'm looking to tie TalentPool Reporting to Jobs/Recruiting Workflow reporting.   The two don't seem to overlap in any way I can find.

Overall we are looking to show our stakeholders and members of the team how effectively members of our talentpools are being hired into jobs.  Secondly, we are looking to be able to see how many jobs, what job ID (and titles) and what job statuses our talentpool members are tied to.  This all feeds into showing the effectiveness of using TalentPools.
Best Answer chosen by Community Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
Community Manager Siobhan SCommunity Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
Hi Erin! There is unfortunately no great way to report on both Talent Pools and Jobs/Recruiting Workflows at the same time. This is partially because there is not always a one-to-one relationship between the number of Talent Pools and Jobs/Recruiting Workflows that a person may be connected to at any given time.
I think that Lara's suggestion is the best idea if you are comfortable exporting your reports and refining them in Excel. (On the off chance that you need more information on exporting your reports, check out the following KB article!: )