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Trista MulveyTrista Mulvey 
 I see there is a new Federal W-4, which we use and our teams always want to know when we will see it in our system.
Best Answer chosen by Community Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
CorianneCorianne (iCIMS, Inc.) 
Hi Trista!

We are keeping a running tab on updates to all iForms here:

When an iForm is updated, that article will be updated, so you can keep track there. We also should be sending a communication out to our customers regarding the new I9 updates. Hope this helps!
Allison BarryAllison Barry 
I need to add our recruiters as the job owners.
Best Answer chosen by Community Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
Community Manager Siobhan SCommunity Manager Siobhan S (iCIMS, Inc.)
Hi Barbara! There are a few ways that iCIMS Technical Support can handle iForms that your organization no longer wants to use.
  1. iForms can be archived, which preserves them in a "read only" way. Platform users with permission to do so can still view the completed form on a profile, but no one will be able to edit, complete, or request that iForm moving forward.
  2. iForms can be disabled, which allows the information captured on that iForm to remain accessible via a Form Response search, but prevents the iForm from being edited, completed, or requested in the future. (However, the iForm won't be visible on the profile, even if it was previously completed.)
  3. iForms can be deleted, but doing so deletes all data associated with the form. This is irreversible. I wouldn't recommend it for any iForm that's been previously completed!
Note that all of these maintenance options require iCIMS Technical Support to assist you!